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Clonaid has had huge interest from people of all walks of life including many politicians and celebrities.
Clonaid™ is the world's leading provider of reproductive human cloning services.
Eve, the first cloned baby, was born Dec. 26, 2002, thanks to our team of highly skilled scientists. Since then, we’ve been able to help a number of patients have their own children through our cloning technology.

Clonaid™ can help you:
  • If you’re sterile and have lost hope of having the child you dream of.
  • If you’re homosexual and deeply desire a child who would carry your own genes.
  • If you’ve just lost – or are about to lose – a beloved family member and would like to see an identical twin of that person begin a new life.
  • If you’re HIV+ and want to have a child that would be your genetic twin – without infecting either the baby or your partner with the virus.
  • If you simply want to be cloned, whatever your reasons may be.

Here's an overview of the process steps:
#1: First, fill out our contact form.
#2: One of our representatives will contact you to discuss your situation and goals.
#3: Our medical team will evaluate your case. If your application is approved, we will make arrangements to obtain cells from the cell donor (the person who is to be cloned).
#4: Over the next several weeks, the donor cells will be optimized for nuclear transfer, the “cloning” step of the process.
#5: We then retrieve eggs from either the patient or an egg donor and proceed with the nuclear transfer using the donor cells taken earlier.
#6: After several days, the clone embryo will be implanted in the patient’s womb (or that of the surrogate mother).
#7: The patient (or surrogate mother) will carry the fetus to term through a normal nine-month pregnancy.
#8: The baby, a genetic twin or “clone” of the cell donor, will be delivered and a new human life – that of the desired child – will begin!

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Human cloning is a safe reproductive choice, and our success rate is similar to those of other assisted reproduction techniques!

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